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Pacific River Walk Trail

“The plan for the Pacific River Walk Trail is designed to maximize economic, social, recreational and fitness benefits for residents of Franklin, Jefferson and St. Louis County and the tourists the trail is expected to attract. The proposed trail will serve a diverse demographic of trail users.  Our community will enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and support services suitable for all ages and abilities.

Plans are underway for the Great Rivers Greenway trail system to make its way from Eureka to the St. Louis County line at Pacific, Missouri. Likewise, the Ozark Trail already connects Arkansas to a point about 4.5 miles southwest of Leasburg, MO near Onondaga Cave State Park. The Ozark Trail Association is making plans for the trail to head east through the Meramec River Valley, eventually connecting with the Great Rivers Greenway at Pacific.

The Ozark Trail Association is presently in talks with the Department of Conservation and the Missouri Parks Department and plan to utilize trails through Robertsville State Park which will place the trail on the south side of the Meramec at that point on the map. From there, it will most likely proceed east through Shaw’s Nature Reserve property, also on the south side of the river.

As the Ozark Trail reaches Pacific, it is critical for the communities of Pacific and Eureka to be prepared for the Ozark Trail to cross the Meramec to the north side of the river. There are a few proposals for a Bend Road replacement bridge under current consideration. One suggestion is to cross near Hwy N and the former location of the historic Withington Ford Bridge. This proposed route will position the city of Pacific and Eureka to be able to offer hotel, B&B lodging, dining, grocery, bicycle repair and other trail related services needed by trail users.

Community support is essential to the future success of the Pacific River Walk Trail Project. Donations of land, property easements, cash contributions and volunteer time are all needed and very much welcome.  As you explore the Pacific River Walk Trail website, it is our hope that you, too, will get excited about the tremendous potential this future trail holds for the citizens of our region.”

- Steve Myers, Director

  Pacific River Walk Trail Project

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      Project  Partners

     Steering Committee

Steve Myers

Director, Pacific River Walk Trail

V.P. of The Magi Foundation

Doug Straatmann CPA


Tony Troglio

Asst. Treasurer

Lori Myers


Jim McHugh

Legal Advisor & Chairman

of The Magi Foundation

Kate Reisenhoover

Fundraising Coordinator

Lisa Troglio

Communications Director

George Lipscomb

Marketing Coordinator

Jo Schaper

Social Media Coordinator

Ken Kurtz

OTA, Outreach Coordinator

Patrick Owens

Project Manager

Great Rivers Greenway

“The Pacific River Walk Trail will showcase the beauty and natural surroundings of our community.”


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Steve Myers


Pacific River Walk Trail

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