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Platinum Media Group LLC                                          © 2016 Pacific Missouri River Walk Trail                                  Terms and Conditions | Privacy

Financial Stimulus

“As a Community Planner the Pacific River Walk project means

a stronger economy in the City of Pacific.  Connecting to the Meramec Greenway in St. Louis County, the wonderful natural resources in Frankin County, including Shaw Nature Reserve and Robertsville State Park will benefit citizens and businesses.”


“As an avid outdoorsman, Boy Scouting  enthusiast and Alderman of Pacific, MO

I am extremely excited to see the Pacific River Walk Trail committee making major progress in fostering alliances with like-minded organizations, strengthening our fundraising efforts, securing easement agreements and making preparations to begin construction of our first trail segment in the summer and fall of 2015.  After many years of talking about the opportunity and generating the momentum that exists today, our residents and visitors to our area will soon be able to experience the beauty and serenity of our community as they’ve never seen it before. The city of Pacific and our surrounding region has tremendous potential and has simply been a diamond in the rough. Now is the time to polish this diamond, then stand back and watch it shine!”

safer biking trails. Biking is an activity that can be enjoyed not only by the young, but also by adults well into their senior years. Biking is easy on the joints and muscles and can be strenuous or easy.  The added benefit of fresh air and sunshine make biking an ideal activity for seniors, especially if there are good, safe trails available. That's why I'm so excited about the planned Pacific Trail."                      


schools from surrounding counties will use this newly developed outdoor space.

The Pacific River Walk will also provide a place for families and friends to spend time together hiking, biking, walking and running. We are lucky to live in an area that boasts rolling hills and beautiful river views; the perfect backdrop for healthy exercise, relaxation and learning for students and their families.

We also anticipate an economic boost for area businesses when guests visit the area. The River Walk can do a lot for the Pacific community.”


“As a planner in Pacific, Missouri government,   the Pacific River Walk Trail project means

“‘value-added’ offerings for the Pacific Community. The proposed Pacific Riverwalk and Greenway project will benefit every member of our local society - exponentially. It will serve the enjoyment of our current residents, as well as future generations.


During the preparation of Pacific’s 2014-2015 Comprehensive Plan, I heard support and enthusiasm for the River Walk project development that will provide better access to the Meramec River.”


“As an avid trail enthusiast and

 key advocate of the Ozark Trail,

 The Pacific River Walk Trail

 project  means

visitors connecting to numerous historical and recreational points of interest in Pacific, Missouri and the surrounding areas.

From the boat launch at Pacific Palisades, tunneling beneath Historic Route 66, experiencing the beautiful Jensen’s Point and Blackburn Park, strolling down First Street to numerous restaurants, the Model  Railroad Museum and Pacific Station Plaza; Pacific has a lot to offer visitors.


Connecting these and other points of interest together via a trail will create a convenient destination package mixing a healthy walk or ride with history and good food all enhanced by a small town feel in St. Louis Metro’s backyard.”




“As a biking enthusiast, the Pacific River Walk Trail means


there will be new opportunities to share outdoor experiences with my children and grandchildren.

Not only will the Pacific River Walk Project create opportunities for people here in our community , but people from across the state will visit our community to experience and enjoy all the River Walk has to offer.”


“As a Resident of the region, the Pacific River Walk means

The wonders of nature are everywhere and we are fortunate to have so many natural resources here in our area.  Riding bikes, hiking trails or taking a leisurely walk in the woods are all ways to relax and refocus.  I enjoy these activities and look forward to the new adventures we will have using the Pacific River Walk.

dedicated green space in the Pacific community, to be enjoyed now and for future generations to come.

Quality of life for all citizens is increased when communities provide ample opportunities for the public to experience the natural world.  By increasing accessibility for citizens to connect with regional recreational treasures such as the Ozark Trail and GRG trail system, the Pacific River Walk Trail would make our region a happier, healthier place to live.”


“As a Green Space professional, the Pacific River Walk Trail means

What does the Pacific River Walk Trail mean to…  

First,  it will mean  positive  PROGRESS!   It  will mean  that  we recognize  the  fact that  people

are  becoming  increasingly  health  conscious  and  that  if  we meet their demands  to offer a fantastic

recreational trail system and access to the Meramec River that is within our city limits, they will want to

visit here more often. Increased tourism  equals increased revenue  for area  businesses.  Additionally,

some folks will choose to move to the Pacific area simply because of their love of the outdoors and the

fact that they will have easy access to nature if they live here. The larger our population grows, the more

Businesses will choose to locate here to serve them. An added reason why businesses will locate here

may be because we will offer excellent recreational opportunities for their employees.   

the Local Community:

The Pacific River Walk Trail will show case the beauty of our area and add an abundance of activities for naturalists, sports enthusiasts and folks seeking leisure, exercise and recreation.  When that many great opportunities come together in one project, its easy see why so many people are excited and ready to help turn this vision into a reality.

David A. Wilson, Senior Manager Environment and Community Planning

East-West Gateway Council of Governments

Steve Myers, Director

Pacific River Walk Trail Project

Alderman, City of Pacific

Kate Risenhoover, Fundraising Coordinator

Pacific River Walk Trail Project

Ketina Armstrong, Principal

Meramec Valley R - III

Karen Whitlock,

Outdoor Enthusiast

Todd Streiler,

City Planner

Matt Atnip 

Trail Expert

Kat Dockery, Executive Director

Open Space Council - St. Louis Region




“As an Educator,

the Pacific River

Walk Trail means