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What is the Pacific River Walk Project?

Just imagine parking at a Trailhead near the Meramec River, with a large, secure parking area, picnic tables, a pavilion and a restroom facility. A place that looks like a state park with a digital information board that tells you where you are, some of the history of our town and how to get to historic sites. It also will show you where the various trails that will begin at this point lead. Hiking or biking east on ADA accessible trails, will allow you to follow along the Meramec River Valley on the Great Rivers Greenway Trail all the way to the Mississippi River near Arnold, MO. Or, you could choose to hike, bike or maybe even ride your horse west along the river on the Ozark Trail, cross the Old Bend Bridge, proceed to Robertsville State Park or continue on to Onondaga Cave or all the way to Arkansas if you like. Maybe you’re just looking for a leisurely ½ hour stroll through nature on your lunch hour on a shorter looping trail or a half day walk to Shaw Nature Reserve and back. Maybe you’d like to just have safe access to the beautiful scenery and peaceful serenity the river provides. If you’re wanting to escape to nature, you will someday be able to right here in beautiful Pacific, Missouri. The trails will connect local landmarks and feature enhancements and amenities providing recreation activities for people of all ages and abilities.

Who owns the Pacific River Walk?

The Pacific River Walk Trail Project is a project of The Magi Foundation, a 501(c)(3), Missouri not for profit enterprise that has accepted responsibility for raising funds and developing the vision. The Magi Foundation sees the Pacific River Walk Trail Project as the single most important project that holds the greatest potential for economic impact that this region has seen for decades. Within the City Limits of Pacific, the trail and facilities will be funded and built by the Magi Foundation with the partnerships of Great Rivers Greenway and The Ozark Trail Association. Ownership and maintenance of the trail after construction will be determined through cooperative agreements formed between The Magi Foundation, The Ozark Trail Association, Great Rivers Greenway and the City of Pacific.

Who initiated the Pacific River Walk Project?

After the 2008 flood, a steering committee of many dedicated individuals began progress of the project.

How will Pacific be impacted by the River Walk Project?

Pacific Missouri would become a Trailhead to a system of nationally recognized recreational trails. Many Trailhead communities experience significant tourism which stimulates the local economy and attracts new retail businesses, large corporations seeking vibrant, fun places to locate and residents who choose to raise their families near an abundance of recreational resources.

How will the proposed trails impact land owners?

We will discuss proposed trails with local landowners and when possible, we will work out donations or purchase of trail easements or land purchase. If an agreement cannot be reached, we will seek an alternative route.

Who will pay for the Pacific River Walk project?

Funding will come from many sources, including federal and state government grants, non-government organizations, businesses and private donors.

Will the River Walk Project be completed in stages?


What is the First Stage of the River Walk Project and when will it begin?

Phase one of the River Walk Trail Project will most likely follow the new sidewalk from Jensen Point near the old Red Cedar Inn and continue the sidewalk east to the Clear Creek underpass of Route 66. We will repurpose this existing box culvert like other communities have successfully accomplished and bring the trail under the railroad underpass. The trail will then follow along the abandoned section of Franklin road to the Pacific Palisades entrance, and then follow to the Palisades boat ramp and restroom facility.

Who will manage the project?

The Magi Foundation and Pacific River Walk Trail Steering Committee manage the project plan.

What technical experts will consult on the Pacific River Walk?

The Ozark Trail Association and Great Rivers Greenway are project partners and serve on the Pacific River Walk Trail Steering Committee. The Ozark Trail Association, which recently elected Steve Myers to serve on the OTA Board of Directors, presently maintains 392 miles of trail and continues to grow with approximately 230 miles of completed through-trail. April 29th, 2006 was proclaimed "Ozark Trail Day" by Missouri's governor and in May of 2008, a portion of the OT was designated a National Recreational Trail. OTA volunteers and the organization have been honored with awards from the U.S. Forest Service and others. 2011 - the Ozark Trail was nominated by the U.S. Department of the Interior for America's Great Outdoors Initiative. 2013 - Missouri was named Best Trails State at the International Trails Symposium due in part to the increasing popularity of the Ozark Trail and the OTA army of dedicated volunteers. Pacific will become known as the Eastern Gateway to the Ozark Trail. Great Rivers Greenway had its inception in 2000. Since then, they have purchased and preserved more than 1,400 acres of green space and developed more than 100 miles of greenway trails in the St. Louis region. Goal - to create a place where being outside is part of everyday life is coming true. Each day, the dedicated staff of the GRG work to make the entire St. Louis region a better place to live by offering places to move your muscles, breathe fresh air, hear leaves rustle, and say "hello" to those you see along the trail. Pacific has the opportunity to become the Western Gateway to all this and more. "Think about how your life might change when you can wander along 600 miles without a car. Picture the jobs created, the businesses boosted, the land and water conserved by connecting 1,200 square miles. This is the River Ring – a clean, green, connected network joining St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County through 45 greenways for you to travel, explore and enjoy."

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Pacific River Walk Trail Project  


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