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Pacific River Walk Trail Project

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CALL:  Steve Myers, Director

              Pacific River Walk Trail Project

              (314) 974-7446

E-MAIL:  smyers@pacificriverwalktrail.org


Giving opportunities

Stay connected and informed by becoming a Friend of the Pacific River Walk Trail project.

Friends of the Trail sponsorships start at $25 annually. Family sponsor levels are available for $35.

              (We can help set that up.)

               or estate giving.

               grants, please inform us.

As we work with community landowners to reach agreements on trail passage, some landowners may donate their land, lease or sell us the right of way easement. In some cases the project will require funds on hand to finalize agreements. If we must apply for a grant, wait for approval,  and funding, a landowner’s terms and intentions may change, delaying or changing the project plan. Many times, delays and changes end up costing more money and inconvenience.

Physical fitness, recreation and relaxation opportunities provided by the proposed Pacific River Walk Trail Project will provide many benefits and opportunities for local residents and area visitors.

Funding required to plan and construct quality multi-use trails and develop the facilities needed to make open spaces safe and inviting for community use will come from a variety of sources. Many grants and private gifts require matching funds be raised by grant recipients, since local support of time and money leads to a projects short term and long term success.   

Your one-time financial gift, planned giving or monthly recurring donation will help us make the Pacific River Walk Trail Project a reality to be enjoyed today and for many years to come. Give Now.

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